Luxury Rentals in Downtown Jersey City

33-park-ave-jersey-city-development-towerHave you heard the terms ultra luxury and uber luxury?  Do you have any idea what the difference is?  They both sound like degrees of luxury that I cannot afford. Uber as defined by means ultimate or best. So, uber luxury would then be defined as the ultimate or best in luxury.  Ultra luxury is defined by as providing an extremely high degree of luxury.

In any case, recent developments in downtown Jersey City have been described using these two adjectives.  As New Yorkers exit the city, looking for newer and better places to live, they just might find what they are looking for on the West side of the Hudson River, more specifically in rental units in Jersey City.

Downtown Jersey City is considered to be the area Southeast of Monmouth St and 9th St. It’s a little difficult to give you the exact boundaries because the area is shaped a little like the state of Louisiana.  Basically, the area consists of Hamilton Park, Historic Downtown, and Paulus Hook.

In this area alone, there are or have been at least a half dozen new developments in the last few years. In 2016, it was announced that Strategic Capital would be moving forward with developing an ultra-luxury condo project called Park and Shore at 75 Park Lane in Jersey City.  Recently, there has been mention of a new multifamily mixed use building at 110 First Street in Jersey City, called TheOne, that is supposed to be ready for move in around the middle of May or beginning of June.

Advertised as New Jersey uber luxury rentals, VantageJC, should have the first phase of their complex ready for occupancy in the spring. Phase one will be a 44 story tower with about 450 rental units, an onsite garage, and a 5 story podium base that will eventually connect to the phase two tower.

Most of these New Jersey ultra luxury rentals that are being developed in Jersey City will come with Manhattan style amenities, and have views of the Hudson River, lower Manhattan, and Liberty State Park.



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