Jersey City Style Luxury Apartments Are Going Up in Essex County

Luxury apartments in Jersey City have become the norm. Residents of such luxury buildings as the One Jersey City have access to quality living conditions, including luxury amenities and incentives. When looking for 2 bedroom apartments for rent, most individuals are searching in Manhattan or Jersey City. However, other areas are opening up to the idea of luxury apartments, including Montclair, a unique neighborhood of Essex County.

Only around 38,000 people live in Montclair, and new construction has been taking place to provide new luxury apartments in the area. Montclarion at Bay Street Station recently started offering apartments for rent a few weeks ago, with developer Richard Polton expecting the building to attract many people including millennials and commuters. The apartments are similar to what you will find in Jersey City or Brooklyn, but are located in Montclair, which is a great place to live, and people want to live there.

The apartment complex is in line with the city’s plans for redeveloping the eastern entrance to their commercial district. Other projects on the agenda include a five-story mixed-use development that will be located next to the apartment complex.

New development will hopefully improve the streetscape and continue to bring about positive change to the region. The Montclarion apartment building provided more than $100,000 to the local town and will include two affordable units.

The one bedroom apartments at the Montclarion at Bay Street Station will be in the 700 square foot size range and will have a monthly rent price of around $2,250. Two bedroom apartments will have 1,100 to 1,500 square feet of space and will have a slightly higher cost of $2,650. The building offers several amenities including a business center, rooftop lounge and workout room. Parking is also included. Upon construction, the building began to see a waiting list take shape for interested renters.




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